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Plastic Machinery Solutions is proud to sell and service some of the world’s leading brands. Famous names include Haitian injection moulding machines, the world’s largest manufacturer of injection moulding machines, with strong and ever expanding success all over the world.

Whether your process is injection moulding, extrusion, shredding & granulating, we can provide you with a solution to give you the competitive edge!!

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The New MA III Technology Enhances Precision Moulding Of Small Home Appliances

Injection moulding machines work by injecting molten raw materials into moulds, thereby producing essential parts for products.

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The Importance of Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

Plastic moulding is a popular method to produce plastic. It answers a market need wherein consumers are looking for similar looking models of plastic in varying quantities of plastic.

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With more than 30 years experience in the Plastics Industry, Plastic Machinery Solutions can assist you and provide the optimum commercial and technical solution.

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