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Servo Electrics

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Zhafir Zeres III Series (400 – 13,800 KN)

Fully electric drives for clean and quiet operation
Intelligent motion control for short dry cycle times
Tailor-made servo drives
Square tie bar distance for more freedom
Linear guides (optional)
Intelligent mold protection
Application-oriented injection units
Latest control technology

The Zeres Series builds a bridge from electric injection molding technology to traditional hydraulic machine applications. Identical in construction to the Venus Series, it also has integrated servo-hydraulics. Main movements such as mold and injection are electric, side axes such as nozzle movement, core puller and ejector are servo-hydraulic. In this way, the Zeres gives the processor not only the wide electric range of applications but at the same time also more production efficiency because of energy savings in the double-digit percentage range. Currently, the Zeres Series is available in clamping forces from 400 to 13,800 kN.

Tailor-made electrical servo drive systems in combination with a new inverter generation enables a high-performance and unique price/performance ratio with high precision and dynamics. The 3rd technology generation of Zhafir is a system platform with intelligent and extremely fast adaptive software. The Zeres Series enable extremely open integration and connectivity with all common interfaces and seamless connection of industrial automation or any MES system.

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Zhafir Zeres III Series - Injection Moulding Machines
Constant injection speed
High stability for injection molding; Optimal servo dynamics and injection speed control
Zhafir Zeres III Series - Injection Moulding Machines
Precise Repeatability
Linear guides for low friction provide fast response, clean operation, accurate pressure control. An improvement of back pressure and repeatability.
Zhafir Zeres III Series - Injection Moulding Machines
Mold Protection
Intelligent algorithms ensures highly reactive and precise mold.
Zhafir Zeres III Series - Injection Moulding Machines
Clean & Precise
Optional linear guide for mold open/close and non-contact tie bar design for more clean and higher platen parallelism.
Zhafir Zeres III Series - Injection Moulding Machines
latest technology from Sigmatek.
Zhafir Zeres III Series - Injection Moulding Machines
Open Integration
with all common interfaces for intelligent industrial automation and free choice of integration partners