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Plastic Machinery Solutions understand the importance of protecting the privacy of our users. Information obtained from users as part of our online enquiry forms may also be used for our marketing purposes, and cookies may be used in those and other areas, as is described in this Policy.

What information does Plastic Machinery Solutions capture about visitors to its website?

This web server uses an extended log file format which captures: date and time of visit, referring address (location from which a visitor comes), type of Internet browser, and visitor's IP address. (Each computer that connects to the Internet is assigned a unique number, an IP address, for identification purposes). The log file does not capture a visitor's email address.

How does Plastic Machinery Solutions use the information?

The information collected through this site helps us identify the type of web site content our customers value most. Our policy is to not give, sell or otherwise distribute the information collected through this site to third parties outside of Plastic Machinery Solutions and its subsidiaries (unless required by law); provided, however, in some cases we may use suppliers to assist us in collecting, using or otherwise processing for our benefit the information obtained through this site. Our practice is to require our suppliers to conduct such activities consistent with this policy and our requirements.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a series of data characters that, when programmed into a web site, is placed by the web server into the browser's application folder on your computer. Once placed onto your machine, the cookie will allow the web site to "recognize" you as a unique individual.

Does Plastic Machinery Solutions use cookies?

Cookies are used to achieve two goals. The first is to provide Plastic Machinery Solutions with the capability to personalize information for certain segments of its customer base. Secondly, in some instances, cookies are used to allow Plastic Machinery Solutions the opportunity to associate individual customers with their information profiles.

Can cookies be removed from my hard drive?

Yes, cookies can be removed from your hard drive. Also, depending on what type of web browser and what browser version you are using, you may be able to change the properties on your cookie file so that cookies are not used or saved. Please check with your browser provider for more information on removing cookies.

How do I contact Plastic Machinery Solutions?

Our postal address is:
F 32 Timor Circuit, 84-100 Pacific Drive, Keysborough, VIC 3173, AUSTRALIA

We can be reached via our contact page.

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