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Servo Hydraulics

Reliability & Efficiency

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Haitian Iapetus III Series (1,200 – 18,500 KN)

Available from 1,200 to 18,500 kN
6 different variations for different application requirements
Optimized 5-point double toggle system
Energy saving Mars Technology inside

Serving as an industrial leader and a technical pioneer in the field of plastic injection molding machines, Haitian started to research and develop multi-component injection molding machines in the early 1990s. Today, the company has yielded substantial results.

Our company philosophy of “Creating and Extending Advantage” for our customers is paramount in our commitment for research and development for multicomponent and multi-color plastic Injection molding machines.

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Haitian Iapetus III Series - Injection Moulding Machine
Customized Turntable
The large Multi-component turntable machine is customized to the customer’s requirement for different applications. Large mold rotation capacity , reliable bearing of rotary table, precise rotation, customized plasticizing units, high efficiency energy-saving system.
Haitian Iapetus III Series - Injection Moulding Machine
Space Saving P-Version
INTEGRATED PARALLEL SINGLE CYLINDER INJECTION UNITCompact structure, simple appearance, high modularized, a more flexible composition of the injection unit
Haitian Iapetus III Series - Injection Moulding Machine
Co-injection solution
The Iapetus IAⅡ/m Series was constructed according to costumer demand, its clamping unit does not contain at urntable nor a rotating shaft. It provides the independent control of injection unit and multi-material injection by the change of the core of the mold.
Haitian Iapetus III Series - Injection Moulding Machine
Rotating Shaft Solution
PRECISE ROTATING SHAFT CONTROLThe imported servo motor, synchronous belt and spline shaft provides precise and accurate position control for repeatable rotation control
Haitian Iapetus III Series - Injection Moulding Machine
Energy Saving Drive System - Mars Technology
PATENTED SERVOMOTOR TO GEARPUMP DESIGNThe direct drive connection between the servo-motor and the gear pump provides excellent drive torque giving maximum acceleration and deceleration speeds for all machine functions. The Jupiter II Series is also equipped with the innovative “Mars Technology”.
Haitian Iapetus III Series - Injection Moulding Machine
Control Technology
SOFTWARE & CONTROLThe control system for the multi component injection molding machines, with two CPU for the parallel data processing. The newest, easy to use computer control system, with a faster response cycle.